The name All Minus One was inspired by a J.S Mill quote.

“If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind…” - John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

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“Our vision is an Australia where liberty, and in particular freedom of speech, is an intrinsic national value that is widely articulated in our culture, stories, art, ideas, and norms.“



“Our values are freedom, civility, and culture.”


People should be free to live, express themselves, and flourish.  


A ‘live and let live’ attitude where people can disagree (even passionately) but nevertheless respect and defend the freedom of others.


An appreciation and awe of the power of culture in our lives. 

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“Our mission is to create a culture of freedom.”

Our mission is to create a culture where freedom is both appreciated and protected by providing platforms and opportunities for people who share our values and mission to express themselves in any medium.

Our truly liberal platforms will counter so-called ‘cancel culture’ and aim to reverse the current trend of intolerance that stifles expression and creativity.


“Our sole and exclusive focus is the culture.”

All Minus One will not concern itself with the cut and thrust of politics or policy. It will not be partisan or much concerned about the goings on in Canberra or Spring Street or Macquarie Street, or any street where a government building sits. Our sole and exclusive focus is the culture. 

But staying out of politics is by no means limiting. Culture is an eclectic sphere in which to operate. At its broadest conception it is the manifestation of ideas and values collectively and across time. It is our art, stories, norms, and what we consider virtues or vices. The culture we are raised in is like our factory settings; determining so many of our preferences without us even noticing its influence.

Culture needs time to lay foundations but once cemented affects people well into the future and builds upon itself. How many stories are still based on Ancient Greek myths? 

Like culture itself, All Minus one will be an organisation built to last and focused on the long game.

Street Art


“The Founder is Dara Macdonald”

Dara is an apostate from corporate law and a former Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. Her passion for creating a culture of freedom became a dialectic group in Sydney that had 500+ members. Noticing a national need she created All Minus One.


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